Dress your yerba mate calabash in a fashionable warmer!

Some time ago, a new product category appeared in our offer – crochet, hand-knitted calabash jumpers! This is an original gadget which has appealed to many yerba mate lovers; an addition to the mateist’s equipment which has more than just an aesthetic function. 

Hand-knitted clothes for yerba mate calabashes

The gourd warmers in the Cebador Handmade series are created by a local artist from a small village in Poland. She is passionate about handmade, crochet knitting, and, of course, a yerba mate lover! Each warmer is unique and unrepeatable. It is the result of work in which heart and commitment are put. The jumpers come in a variety of patterns and colours – from pastel pinks, yellows and greens to shades of grey, blue and navy. Most interesting are those resembling fruit – strawberry and watermelon. Each calabash warmer is different and unique and comes with a colour-matching mate gourd.

The perfect gadget for chilly evenings

Our calabash jumpers are making a real splash. A yerba mate vessel dressed up in a knitted outfit takes on a completely new and original character, but that’s not the only function of the knitted warmer. Perfectly adjusted to the size of the calabash, the jumper makes the hot brew in the vessel maintain its temperature a little longer. At the same time, the hot mate gourd does not steep in the hand, and on a cold evening the jumper warms frozen hands slightly. This is the perfect gadget for chilly people!